Rescue Journal

daylight savings time truly annoys me.

Carol  ·  Nov. 2, 2009 freaks out the barn guys cuz they think it is 6 pm by the darkness (not 5 pm by the clock) and they think they might have missed dinner.
B..why do humans think they can just arbitrarily change the time twice a year? we have that right?

apparently we do.

i didn't get home for lunch so i was worried tonight as i was driving was way too dark, i was worried about the barn guys and the other guys too.
the barn guys were fine..colleen had them all safely in bed. the house guys were fine too..they were more interested in my vegetable samosa's for dinner than in having missed me at noon.

winter is currently sitting in the staff coffee break cupboard...she wanted a closer one eyed view of my cooking in the toaster oven...i guess she thought they smelled pretty good too. i have to say they are the second best samosa's i have ever had (sheila and leila's are the very best)

archie and angel are home from the vet...tomorrow angel's fructose levels will be back and archie had a convenia injection, a bath and got some surlan for his ears. i think they want to check him for cushings in a few weeks.

i drove past an equestrian center today with all of the horses out in their coats in the rain in their little sand pens...they all looked so utterly bored out of their minds. that got me thinking about our guys who always look so perky and interested in everything. and then as a natural progression... i started thinking about gideon.

gideon is like the god of horses..he is the king of them all. that little horse is so perfect in every single way..he is wise, he is patient, he is kind hearted and gentle with everyone he meets. he got his leg all twisted up in his coat strap the other was wrapped twice around his back leg. i only noticed cuz he looked like he was walking he had a stroke or something.
any other horse around here would have totally freaked out if they were rolling around and suddenly found their leg in a twisted vice. not gideon, he just took it in stride...his leg was all tied up tight and he just dealt with it and got on with doing his stuff as best he could.

i am pretty darn lucky to have been given the care of someone like him..he has made everything so easy for me...learning slowly and gently without a ton of stress.
of course i learned that not all horses are totally perfect in every single way like gideon...swinger and lahanie have taught me a few other more stressful things....but for our white and shining knight's thoughtful and graceful living with me...i will always be grateful.
you shine with warm, pure grace are an amazing horse....and i bet you are happy not to be spending your days in a 15 foot sand box too. i am glad we have a nice place here for you to do the things that you like.