Rescue Journal

oh when the saints, come marching in..they'll MAKE you march right along with them!

Carol  ·  Nov. 2, 2009

it just about killed me to pick up the poop this back seized sometime during the night.... bending is cautious and hurts. but i did get it done and made my tea and then in the kitchen i heard molly start circling..geez moll, couldn't you wait til i leave, then the staff would have cleaned it up for you (and me)..i don't want to have to hurt more again, its too freaking early for pain.

molly doesn't give a shit (ok, she actually gave alot)...she is the ancient one living here and i can just suck it up.
anyway...she is right..the only reason that i can actually move anymore is probably because these guys make me move. i have a congenital deformity in my lower spine, i have damaged my back in 4 seperate car accidents (i AM a shitty driver, but none of those were my fault..the other ones i was at fault in, i did not get hurt in and this is why (nicole!) i drive so slow, if you mess up, you are less likely to get hurt!!) i have 20 years of back abuse from nursing plus the frosting on the wrecked back cake of chronic fibromyalgia.

by rights my back should be toast on all days..not just some days....ah well... if jewel can keep going with all of her back issues, if cole can deal with his fractured sacral spine...i damn well better not wimp out with mine.

so here is another couple of lessons the animals have taught me in getting thru life...use it or lose it and.... suck it up (and poop) does not stop just because you hurt.

but i tell you, sometimes it's really hard living with the world's zen masters on living....especially little eighteen year old dogs spry enough to still plop poop along their daily constitutional mile.
(it would hurt less to just bend down to clean up one single, efficient pile instead of what, molly? 23????)
ok, exaggerating was 9 this morning but it felt like 23.