Rescue Journal

bobby brown and reggie

Carol  ·  Nov. 6, 2009

bobby brown is still in the medical room and he is still in his pen but....he is mostly out of hiding now, he likes to lay around on his chair. milly and harvey go in for their re-testing next week so i should finally be able to move them out of their pens to somewhere depending on what their testing says. (hopefully they are both felv negative.) once they are out...i will take down the blankets covering bobbie's pen walls and give him some time to settle with more visually active space around him. when shadows kennel cough is done and she moves to the house..the plan is to open bobbie's pen door with the hope that eventually both he and apollo can live comfortably together free in the medical room.
at the rate that bobbie accepts change..this may take quite awhile....but, he has all the time in the world so he can figure things out as he is ready. fine...i guess. anyway, he is reggie..hysterical and noisy..sweet sometimes and a royal pain in the ass sometimes too. he still absolutely HATES 4lane and 4lane doesn't like him either. remember when your kids would get into those screaming fights?...MOM! HE'S LOOKING AT ME AGAIN!!!!
sigh...that's those drives me crazy sometimes..reggie screaming and 4lane egging him on but really doing nothing except giving him the hairy eye ball. he pretty much always sleeps up on the bed if he can get there before 4lane. but if 4lane gets up there first he sleeps under the bed.
if he is up on top of the bed...he peers over the edge and screams til 4lane lays down somewhere...and if he is under the bed, he screams until everyone on top of the bed has quit shifting around. (cuz it might be 4lane moving around)
4lane is totally, 100% deaf so he can't hear reggie scream so he doesn't get why i get so pissed off at both of them cuz he is just looking at him but not really doing anything.

just so to not paint too harsh a picture of reggie, the hysterical screaming machine...when he finally lays down and 4lane is no where to be seen...he is a cuddle bug...quiet and sweet. he likes his belly rubbed and his face kissed...he gets along with the other bed buddies well.
i should kick one of them out of my room but then the one banished, gets all upset cuz they are not the bad dog..the other little bastard is.

anyway..reggie in truth is fine..4lane annoys him no end but doesn't ever hurt him...i am the one not doing so well with the two of them together.