Rescue Journal

everyone is out of sorts today

Carol  ·  Nov. 15, 2009

the weather was beyond crappy..muddy and monsooning most of the day. so the ones who usually tire themselves out on the farm on the weekend decided to stay in. the die hards like cole and jesse and al and phoebe stayed out but the cold and the wet just out them all in a bad mood anyhow.
jewel is in a horrid mood..she is snapping and snarling at everyone...i uppped her meds today but that did not seem to work. hopefully now that everyone is gone, she will settle and sleep.

4lane is up in the laundry area and totally broken hearted. we tried him in the kitchen and again in the bedroom but he just kept trying to bite everyone. with them all so unsettled, the last thing we need is 4lane being 4lane, hence banishment today.

the new guys are doing is hard on everyone when new guys come in...takes a few weeks to settle and for everyone to feel comfortable again. and it doesn't help that we shifted some around. i had to put nina and doris back in the kitchen because they really did not like my bedroom, they wanted back in the kitchen which they think is their room.

i do believe tho, that it is hardest on me...their job right now is just to get thru the day reasonably job is to try to make them all happy. very stressful with so many new personalities and the crappy weather to boot. i am again very tired tonight...i will be crashed out pretty early.

felix got his play pen...jenn i and went looking today. it fits well in my bedroom and it means i have some place to safely stick him when i am not around that has his bed and food and water all easy to find. when i am in there..he is either up on the bed or in my arms so he still gets lots of attention in between the play pen thing.

bosco has arrived. he never has been a very nice dog to strangers...he used to rush out and bite other dogs and would make them bleed and he will do the same to people too. unlike little mr. who only bit if you were stupid enough to touch him...bosco will lunge out and bite if he doesn't know you and he can get you.

now the good news is...apparently once he knows you..he doesn't bite you. and he really likes food. and for 16 and a half years old..besides his deafness, blindness and incontinence..he appears to be in relatively good health.

so we pretty much have a a badly behaved dog who has behaved badly for most of his life..not likely to change that in his twilight you grow older you just grow more like yourself. anyway..he is in a puppy pen in the computer room...the laundry area was not a good idea if i actually wanted folks to be able to go up there to do laundry. and the computer room is a good and active and interesting spot for him to be in too.

i will try stuffing his belly with all kinds of good things and we will see how nice he gets when he starts appreciating his new private human vending machine.