Rescue Journal

i want to get everything done early so when spot and lily come home, i can just hang out with them on the bed this afternoon and spoil them rotten.

Carol  ·  Nov. 21, 2009

but i do need to get to the grocery store before food that i want to eat milk for my tea.
the dogs started barking at 6 am..ok..bosco started barking and then maude, jewel and phoebe joined right in.
i am tired. when i went for breakfast yesterday, the mcdonalds window person (who knows me well) said "you are looking awfully tired for being on holidays..things not going well?"

yeah, no. holidays are exhausting...24 hours a day of worrying about various things.

i am going to try to take at least one day off next week BEFORE i go back to work on friday...but who knows, with all of the shit flying around, something is bound to mess that pretty plan up.

i know louise and i are working on all of the charts next week, and the farm vets are coming on monday for re-checks, de-worming and has her sutures out on wed in maple ridge (by the way..her pathology came back malignant on the tissue samples sent ..the pathologist said each tumour had good healthy margins around, so maybe the vets got it all...but maybe not.) WOULD PEOPLE PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER THEIR ANIMALS SO THEY DO NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH REPRODUCTIVE CANCERS!!!!

and yuki goes in on wed night for her surgeries on thursday morning. hopefully no other vet runs cuz the week is already darn full.

and it is a good thing that yuki is getting spayed soon...she thinks felix is pretty damn HOT. he is the only male who still has testicles around here (too frail and sick to take them off) so poor little felix is the apple of little yuki's eye and she is driving him crazy...he just wants to roll around on the bed and chew on my fingers in peace. he does not like her getting all excited and trying to turn his attention to her when he is focused on me. he actually got mad at her at one point last night and told her to buzz off.

wow felix, impressive, even if the effort did almost kill you.
i really love that little horribly messed up freak. he is such a physical disaster in every single way, but good lord, he still knows how to have a good time goofing around with me.

ok..get dressed, get breakfast. get some groceries...and then get home before the volunteers get here to work today.