Rescue Journal

daffy duck dog just had her third syncope attack of the day.

Carol  ·  Nov. 25, 2009

and that is just the ones that i was there to see. syncope is the mini "seizure" she has...not really seizures, but very brief periods of unconsciousness because her heart rate is so bad....just slow, slow , slow and missing beats. the foretkor, lasix and digoxin are not doing their job very well any more.

she fell off the bed with the last one..just about broke my heart...2 seconds later she is fully recovered and licking my face. time is getting short for this lovely, sweet little cocker...what will life be like without my sunshine dog whose light shines out of her happy wiggly butt, lounging around on my bed?
i don't even want to think of it.

carl elliot, our mystical llama has been invited out on an adventure to be on a radio show..i don't think he will enjoy it very much but i am thinking that pokey pete might think it is a hoot instead. so i am thinking on this tonight.

bosco wagged his tail when i went to visit him tonight...i know he wanted his baby food mixture that he really i gave him some more. if anyone wants to donate food just for bosco...he is eating 3 jars of pureed chicken baby food a day @ $1.69 each jar AND he is eating a handful of royal canin baby puppy food (TINY kibble) with each baby food jar. a very small 2 pound bag of that stuff is $19.95. human food would be cheaper but he likes this mixture best and it is better for him. i figure that little skinny and frail, 10 pound dog is eating about $8 worth of food a day...i hope he puts of weight soon! rumour has it that yesterday, he was cheerfully chasing the medical room cats..someone is getting spunky.

anyhow...bosco may soon need his own personal food bank to keep him well stocked so he can get strong enough to chase some cats some more.

snickers is still not a happy camper..but at least he drank a little bit of milk today....he is going to be a hard to settle in here...overly emotional and sensitive cats in shelters are a total nightmare. they should all be like milly...kick ass cat of the world!

and that is the news from today..i will let you know what happens with the radio show.