Rescue Journal

why it is good that i do wrecked, old, animal rescue.

Carol  ·  Dec. 1, 2009

because i am delusional. these guys seem normal to me..and because they seem normal, i treat them normally and because i treat them normally, they think they are normal too. i rough house (very gently) with felix..i scruff up his face and fur, i roll him off his feet (on my very soft bed) and then i rub his belly and grab his tiny little nose in my giant mitt of a hand. that tiny, frail, old thing (at last weigh in, felix weighed a whoppng 4 pounds of skin, fur and bones (and his fur is pretty damn thin!) who would break right in two with the slightest pressure..loves me roughing him up. and treating him like a big strong dog. he chews on my fingers, he whacks me with his feet..he beats me up right back again cuz he thinks rough housing (softly) is fun.

so tonight when i was finished feeding bosco, i picked him up and knocked him over on his bed...i rubbed his belly, and i grabbed his little nose, and scrubbed his little face into his soft blanket (gently.) and low and behold skinny, shaky, blow away with a puff of breeze bosco liked it. he rubbed his face in and under the blanket, he rolled around (and got stuck so i had to help him right himself again) he thought he was a pretty tough little guy messing around with the big goofing hand.
i LOVE old dogs...tell them they ain't old, they ain't all that frail, tell them no one gives a shit at playtme if they are skinny, deaf and blind....tell them they still can beat me up anyway and they forget they are half an inch away from the end of their life...they have power, (i always let them win.)

our crises for today was maple..the sweetest little rabbit that ever lived. she developed a massive conjuctivitis in both of her eyes. i rushed her into the vets thinkng she had an hidden behind the eye abcess that burst..but she doesn't. oral antibotics, some antibiotic cream for her eyes and she should be good as new in a week or so. we have her sectioned off from her friends because it is contagious and we need to watch her to make she she eats and drinks. she was chowing down in there when i just checked on her so i think she will be fine...thank you maple for only being a little bit sick and not something huge and scary!

ok the bed buddies are going nutz, better go let them velcro me up for the makes them feel powerful too!