Rescue Journal

noooo..i did not write any cat pages for nicole today.

Carol  ·  Dec. 2, 2009

A..i am tired and B...i was busy.

all of the outside water troughs have the heaters in, except we are still waiting on another 2 electric heated buckets for the chickens and herman. we moved the hay and straw out of the shop and into the new hay thing.

when we moved the pallets in the shop, we found a nest of tiny baby rats...sigh. we can't have them growing up in the shop but we couldn't kill the poor things either so we moved them across the road to the bush. they were probably too little to survive over there but then what do i know?.....they had fur and scurried around pretty fast.... AND they will probably just come back across the road if they do survive so not sure what the point of that was...but we did not kill those little things ourselves and they are out of the shop for tonight anyway, and for the rest????... i am just not thinking about again.

a reporter called from the abbotsford/mission times...they are running a story on our photo with santa fundraiser. she came up tonight and had the full tour and took some pictures of the sainted ones and seemd to really like the joint so that was a good end to the day.

we are in the process of setting up salt buckets to deal with the ice of winter..they will be in each outside area so we can keep the paths free and clear. i also brought in a load of sand to spread out too if the ice gets too thick for the salt to work. my biggest fear every winter animal or human falling down and breaking could totally mess up a life..temporarily or permanently depending on the size of the one who falls...our old horses would be totally screwed if they fall on ice and break something.

anyway..the sand is here to try to keep the ice from causing a big problem.

we finally got steve back for one day so he did all the really important things we needed doing and that feels great. the rest of the stuff for awhile can wait.

ok...i am done and over done...i am stripping my bed, putting new linens on and going straight to bed (after the diabetics and the meds AND a really hot bath with louis armstrong!)