Rescue Journal

i just am not getting lily

Carol  ·  Dec. 6, 2009

the dog is weird.

we already know she is terrified of cameras but what else is she terrified of?
well something.
laura came up one evening last week when i was working and she was hiding under the bed..she was obviously frightened. laura mentioned it to me..i have been watching her, keeping her in the main part of the house during the day but letting her follow me by choice to bed at night..thinking maybe it is 4lane, but i have seen her turn on him and surprise him right off his feet...she struts after that.
anyway..this afternoon, she was hiding in the corner of the back yard...she was afraid again and we had to go get her to bring her to the party.
she was a bit nervy and then got weird after the picture thing but when i brought her back to the house, she was fine again.
tonight i brought her out into the kitchen and computer room..she has had a go at reggie and put him in his place and seems fine again.

she has been climbing over the off limits to dogs back cat area gate..she just pinned scrappy up against the wall when he thought to tell her to leave (he has to weigh at least three times of her) and when i said to leave him alone she went back to snacking in their food bowl. i put her back over the gate and went to the biffy..i heard her climbing over the gate again...lily was not to be thwarted from eating cat food.

so who is the brave and confident girl who sometimes gets scared by cameras and other things that i don't see? is it that cataract? it messing up the reality of what she sees? is she misinterpeting somethings????
i just do not get her..tonight she owns the freaking world....this afternoon she looked so pathetic and scared.

oh lily..let me inside your twisted pretzel brain please?????