Rescue Journal

it was the dreaded early shift today.....

Carol  ·  Dec. 7, 2009

way too early to kick into high speed and get to work on time!

snickers is not well..his mouth is really sore. not sure if it is mouth ulcers or abcessed teeth but something is hurting him really badly. louise will call the vets tomorrow to get him in and we will then move him over to the medical room where he can be monitered more closely.

so far little charlie is doing quite well...she is content in her cage and eating well. she is totally passive with petting..does not even try to pull away, very interested in all kinds of food and even rubs up against us...i am pretty happy with the adjustment she is making.

daphne and shadow went into the vet at 2;30 to have their chests checked and lasix refilled...they had way too much fun at that party yesterday and paid for it by coughing and wheezing all night....cardiac cripples should only have a little fun, not a lot.

lily has been scrapping with scrappy...apparently no fat street cat is going to tell her where she can and cannot go...scrappy finally just gave up and is ignoring her wander abouts checking out their various food bowls....what is the point in protesting, it doesn't frighten just pisses the little shitz-head off.

bosco would not eat today..i left him some tripe (disgusting stuff) and a cupcake...mmmmm. we will see if he decides to eat one of them...i am betting the cupcake will win.

well...5am comes pretty damn bath, louis armstrong and i think i will take lily along...that way she won't get into trouble while i am enjoying my bath.