Rescue Journal

there are very few absolutes in rescue

Carol  ·  Dec. 8, 2009 my not so humble opinion

rescue animals must live in absolute safety and cleanliness.
their physical and emotional needs must be met.
rescue animals must not ever leave rescue able to reproduce.
rescue animals must go only to appropriate and responsible homes.
and rescue animals must never, ever be left without the safety net of their rescuers returning to help them in their lifetimes if they ever again need.

nothing pisses me off more than a rescue turning their back on one of the animals they placed in the wrong home. if we are going to "rescue" hundreds of animals over the span of a few months or many years..we damn well better be prepared to step up to the plate in an instant for every single one of them that crossed thru our doors the very second that they need.

and i don't give a ratz ass if you are too full and busy with a whole of whack of new ones either.