Rescue Journal

reggie is an ass.

Carol  ·  Dec. 12, 2009

he just about got me bitten twice, then a third time... hard too....luckily by a somewhat crazed but visually impaired red cattle dog.
i was sharing my natcho's with the crippled crew and reg zipped out from under the computer desk and nailed max right on the very edge of his ear (where the vein is) so not only is max dripping blood everywhere, but he is also understandably upset. something just zipped out of nowhere and bit him hard on the ear. so while i am trying to apply pressure to that dripping vein, max is leaping up and biting me hard (except he can't see very well so he is hurting my down vest instead of me.) he is convinced that i did it to him so next he moves in snarling to pin me against the cupboards. i hold out my hand for him to sniff so he knows it is me...SNAP! sigh, he does not give a shit.
max is dare someone hurt his ear.

oh well...i have decided to let him drip for a bit, until he forgets he is mad at me. and that idiot moron reggie is back shut up with the dirty laundry.

hah! if max did what he just did in a few other rescues or shelters (re-directing and pinning folks up against the cupboards is not tolerated very well even if in his mind he has a good excuse)....he would be deemed a dangerous dog, because for a minute or two there, he was a dangerous dog while he was royally pissed off and hurt.

it is ok max..i am not mad at you, i am mad at that piss-ant reggie...IF i was going to nuke anyone over this, it would be a certain black poodle mutt wearing a blue sweater.