Rescue Journal

just checking to see if we are still doing the crazy m thing...

Carol  ·  Dec. 16, 2009

apparently not...yay, cuz i am already bored. i did get the poop picked up..i actually made myself breakfast in the toaster cuz i can't drive yet to go out. i laid down with the bed buddies for 45 minutes but they were so happy i came back to bed that they kept mobbing my face with their tongues and that hurt my neck when i tried to avoid them.

cole is back to normal today..yesterday he was not well..did not want to eat, did not want to get up...he wasn't feeling well either. but today he is already up and moving around so maybe i will be more mobile soon too! hope floats...

we moved charlie over to the medical room...she is eating and drinking but she is not pooping and that is worrisome. i bet she ends up being a long termer over there, that area was not meant to be a scaredy cat haven.

could someone for christmas please adopt milly!.......GREAT, BEAUTIFUL cat ( a true calico, lovely clean and white!)..healthy, younger, FUNNY and fun...a real character and GREAT company for someone (but no other pets in the home please, she likes to terrorize them, she thinks it is funny)..i need her out of that medical room for space for the more unadoptable sick or unhealthy ones.

i just want to say a short blurb on "elizabeth's wildlife center"....we had an injured thrush come into our care (he died at the vets later) BUT elizabeth was so kind and good and ready to take him if he survived. my pet peeve with wildlife rescue is some of them in our area not only will not help the garbage animals (the ones that are a dime a dozen) but they euth the poor things as soon as they come in the door and they don't tell you that when you drop them off there either. one killed a not seriously injured and easily fixed pigeon i dropped off a few years ago....i could have made the poor thing well, i just thought he was better off with them...not.

anyway...elizabeth's place is great...all animals have value. she is always struggling for donations and help. nicole is going to link her website here so maybe by word of mouth,m she might get morme mhmelmp mfomr mthme gmreat mwomrk mshe does.

damn mmmmm's are back again...bye