Rescue Journal

now we will switch from thinking about my death...

Carol  ·  Dec. 21, 2009

to contemplating max's death.

he and i get along fine until he gets pissed off at me.
and he was a few minutes ago...very pissed off at me.
i don't follow his rules.
he went after rose..i went after him...he went after me (he doesn't actually bite the other dogs...he just scares them and they run, he is a bully.... but me he will try to bite cuz i get in his face and won't run... that really pisses him off....but he has to be quicker than he is to actually get me)

anyway.....i won.

no freaking 14 yr old cardiac crippled crazy cattle dog is winning an argument with me.

because not only am i smarter than him but i have more than a snapping mouth..i have hands.
i picked up the mesh playpen and used it to move him out the computer room door..then i closed the dog door and left him there in the cat run til he got over his bad mood.

i let him back in after about fifteen minutes (it is too damp and chilly for an old dog out there...altho the cool fresh air is probably good for him.)
he licked my hand and said he was sorry..yeah right max...til the next time you oxygen brain starved freak)
i actually have forgiven is not his fault he is nutz (i do believe (since it is getting worse) that it is part of his disease)...but i still ain't putting up with any of his crazy cattle dog shit.

nicole..please switch max to permanent sanctuary dog..he can stay here til his heart craps out..... or i kill him, which ever comes first.

here... play with your ball max...dolt...and deep breathe..maybe it will help to get more oxygen to your head.