Rescue Journal

little miss poop-a-lot was busy....

Carol  ·  Dec. 23, 2009

molly did her mile while i was napping.

thx for the offer to help lynne...but we are covered, maggie called me this afternoon...ya gotta be quick if ya wanna do a 2 hour vet trip with me!

first thing in the morning...lucky, angel and molly are going into hillndale...they really need nail trims and i don't do nails and nicole isn't coming out for a bit. i can handle that run since it is in town.

but the maple ridge run is for the sickies...daffy, shadow, felix and 4lane...the four i am afraid will crap out on me right in the middle of a no vet available holiday. i just want them checked out...some perimeters set on how much i can goof with their meds if a crises looks like it is starting. some of their meds are very dose the actual vetmedin, digoxin and foretkor. but some of them like the torb or the lasix are a bit more flexible..there is a range you can give according to how bad they are. i like plans in place that allow for both good and bad days, esp. on holiday weekends when the animals are reaching the critical stage.

the other thing i want to check out is daffy's and shadow's is a great cardiac med with a great side works somewhat like an euphoric ( makes them feel pretty damn is like the mental viagra of cardiac drugs) the problem is this....they could feel really damn happy when they should really be feeling pretty damn crappy. so i want to make sure that their current happiness is real happiness and not drug induced happiness. what's the difference? drug induced happiness means the mind is having a blast while the body is paying the want a good balance with one wants them to have to unfairly pay too high of an artificial happy bill.
hence the check up to listen to their hearts and chests.

max is in a good mood tonight, it is a roll-a-thon night....(he is on foretkor not vetmedin.... foretkor has no happy side effects...hmmm i wonder if we should change his med?)

i just want one last, crises free, happy christmas with the guys we all love here then we will face whatever comes in the new year. (besides which i am working a lot over the holidays and it would be nice if everyone stayed reasonably well.)

i do have tomorrow off tho, so we will be proactive on the medical front, plus someone nice is coming to meet the little guys so maybe one of them will get a great home for christmas....wouldn't that be nice! (i am thinking,,prudence or tony or yuki or nina..but we will see.)

i am all ready for xmas....i planned my mommy gift to each of my kids this year well..i just have a couple of things to wrap....feed and loose the barn beasts and work that day...and hook up with my family for dinner on my lunch break and then get home as quick as i can to put the barn guys to bed...the volunteers have the animals care covered for the rest of the day, and they have their christmas treats for everyone this year should be easy (as long as no saints crap out here on that day!)