Rescue Journal

first order of business....

Carol  ·  Dec. 26, 2009

laundry...the pile was as tall as my shoulder at lunch but i got a couple of loads thru so when i got home tonight, it was only to my waist. i just put in another load and we are down to 2 big laundry basket fulls..once it is done..priority item two on my list is...very hot bath. in the meantime...while i write this...cookies for dinner..(mmmm jenn...good cookies!)...spend some time with fussy felix and the other needy bed time freakouts, the back cats, the kitchen/computer guys, the mp animals, take doris for a quick walk and poke the diabetics, give the cardiac and pain meds.... then i am done for the night! (except for the non stop clean ups)

lol...rose cannot believe i just ate all of those cookies without her...she is shoving her head under my vest, into the keyboard, frantically looking to see if there are any left for her....sorry my dear...there are not!

nina is refusing to come down out of the laundry area..she says...."this is bullshit man, i am not moving out of here again..this is my space, i like it, i had it first and reggie cannot have it."
sigh...reggie is a pain in the ass down here with the rest of us nina....we REALLY need him to live up there.

i have decided we need four more pain in the ass dog very frail and sweet dog area, and one quiet cat area...and one whole, big area just for milly alone.

now how are we gonna get those????

it sure is nice having colleen putting the barn guys to bed..i am finally starting to not stress out so much on my drive home from work.

hmmmm...i wonder if that load is done yet?