Rescue Journal

ugh! at this particular moment, i am not too fond of the early shift.

Carol  ·  Dec. 27, 2009

you have no idea how hard it is to get out of bed with 11 very warm and comfortable bodies looking up at you sleepily and then tucking back in because it really is much too early to join you. i held felix's lasix last night and he slept very well. hmmm...i want his chest cleared out by monday but i also want him to get some decent rest at night too. i will have to think on the pro's and cons of this one....if he does well with the once a day maybe that is fine with him. hard for me to tell tho because i just cannot hear the fluid in his lungs like i can with the others.

but if i say that palliatively, we treat symptomatically...sleeping easily and comfortably thru the night is a good indication that felix felt easy and comfortable, despite what is going on inside. this is a hard call for me because i do not want to lose him tomorrow but i also want him to enjoy a good nights rest...the night time is his very favorite time of the day..he has me all to himself, he gets the very best spot, he has his good and fun little wrecked felix games and then he sleeps like a log, safe and warm right where he likes best.

it is the right choices we make in rescue that are sometimes the most difficult to live with. i adore that little guy and want everything as good as it can get for him.

a good balance is the name of the game.

ok...gotta move, don't want to.

oh and i did get the last laundry load in before i fell asleep..yay carol, the very fast laundry queen.
sad isn't it?