Rescue Journal

Carol  ·  Jan. 1, 2010

now i have to remember again to write in a whole new year.

we finished off the old year with another bad night and started the new year with another bad morning...that totally sucks.
removing the cardiac cockers sweaters did help a bit...but not enough to stop me from worrying that for daphne, the end is creeping awfully freaking near.

oh well...i do not want to think on this today so i will try not to.

at almost six months old....emily is officially weaned...she lodged a full complaint with management (me) about this yesterday. while i was doing a tour she was chasing us around licking her lips, sucking on the sleeves of everyone she found. poor emily, she is not ready to be a grown up cow, she still wants to be a baby.....sorry sweetie..humans are just naturally mean.

well...i better go get dressed and feed and loose the other barn not babies.

happy new year to all and may 2010 treat all of us kindly.