Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 11, 2010

if you can keep them eating and drinking, traumatized by life cats will eventually survive even rescue.

all of the pens in the medical room are now open 24 hours a day for walk abouts in the medical and rabbit areas...angie wanders in and out whenever she pleases, the terrified cat who would no longer enter her house and never left her cage here, has found herself again...charlie pops out to check things out and say hello (she is doing REALLY well!) and the (not) little feral cat who bounced off the walls in her home in terror, now strolls around in confidence and peace without a worry in her head..... and even bobby brown is a whole new cat...he who mostly stayed under the furniture and who's family thought after 12 years that he was a black and white instead of his tabby and white spots, (probably because they rarely saw him).......he just wandered out of his pen, purring and rubbing against me so i picked him up for a quick cuddle before i got back to my bedtime chores again. there is no mistaking bobby brown's color in the bright lights of the medical room as he wanders up to say hello.

we have taken in 3 very unhappy cats and they have found happy again! yay! i have to figure out how to start moving them back to the main house without making them unhappy again! (the medical room is supposed to be for sick ones...not for unhappy and shy freaking out little things)