Rescue Journal

here is the problem with multiple old sick dogs...

Carol  ·  Jan. 20, 2010

someone in my bedroom has a really bad lower GI bleed going on, and while we find the result a couple of times a day... we can't find the gut says it is 4lane but he actually looks pretty perky and healthy...maybe donny? he looks frail and old. i know angel has a bit of blood in her stool but she looks good and healthy too...and this is different..this is something big and nasty..ok you guys, someone fess up cuz i need to know!

the new washer is a bit touchy..i had trouble getting the first load is all of the digital crap that is hard to figure out. why does everything need to be so complex?..what is wrong with simply big and strong and dummy proof????

next life, i am designing washers and remote controls for folks far too busy to dink around with tricky smart toys.

some stupid cat thundered and charged thru to the back area in a real big hurry...that freaked them all out and snickers, in alarm, went flying out the window cat door into the outside run. 15 minutes later with me trying to squeeze my head and shoulders thru a 12 inch window, calling..."hey nicky, here snicky, come on in is cold and dark out there."
he did come in but i looked and sounded like a moron and my nose is frozen.

apparently monty was acting like a freak out today...running away from his food and looking like he was terrified. at this particular moment, he is sitting on the bed under the computer desk and sticking his claws thru my pj's as he plays with the string on my bathrobe. whatever was bugging him earlier is not bugging him now.
he was probably watching me try to entice snickers in and figured anyone who sounded like me had to be fun to play with.

well...4:45 comes early..i better get myself to bed.....but i am sleeping with one ear open so maybe i can catch the one with the GI bleed.