Rescue Journal

taking a chance.....rescue roulette...please let the bullet not be in our chamber.

Carol  ·  Jan. 31, 2010

i don't really like afternoon shifts, i am generally either physically or emotionally or mentally tired from doing whatever i did before i leave for work. AND i don't like coming home late at night to quickly mop floors, give meds and fall into bed...the evenings are my one to one or one to ten with the animals time.

oh well just today's shift to go then 2 days off and home.

we have a probable new incoming tomorrow (besides squeaky and hymi.) i say probable because kody is coming on trial with a not really confirmed in my mind history of human, cat and dog aggression....can't tell if he is really dangerous or if he is just a big jerk. he is with another rescue who emailed and asked if he could come. at 14 and a half years old, the dog is more then their current foster home can handle and they are reluctantly considering euthanization.....he is another uncooperative, biting and bossy cattledog. oh yay....sounds just like max except he is blue instead of red.

anyway...i will try him..if he is as bad as max he can stay, but if he is any worse he will have to go back and they can carry the responsibility for whatever happens from there. cowardly of me i know but i just cannot deal right now with taking the life of an unsafe at saints little twirp.

at least it gives him one last shot somewhere where tolerance for common cattledog antics is pretty damn high....i hope he is not as bad as i think he could be....i saw his picture....he is a very cute little guy, easy to fall in love with.

what is it one of our vets said? no sick dog deserves to die without a trial of pred?...for kody we'll say, no old ass of a dog deserves to die without a trial at saints.

i think he is coming days off ought to be fun...fingers crossed that kody's gun is not really loaded and he is just good at pushing others around.

deep morning (mourning) is hard losing a bedroom dog and a kitchen/computer room dog both in the very same day....the entire house feels empty without max and donny.....altho i do have to say that lucas is quite enjoying no longer being treated like some kind of a house cow....he can actually move without a crazed and half blind cattledog yapping at his flanks.