Rescue Journal

we made it thru today.

Carol  ·  Feb. 1, 2010

the barn guys had a chance to say good bye before sparky was taken away. they all managed her loss pretty well altho percy was out of sorts again tonight. colleen had a hard time at bedtime, the barn did not feel right. renee and angelina had a hard time here today too, donny was missing from angelina's area and max was missing from renee's...too many big holes all over the has been a sad couple of weeks at saints....sparky, max, donny, buddy, apollo and daffy duck.

i had it much on my plate today to worry about...easier to be distracted and worry about things turning out right for the ones either already here or on their way to saints..

i did get to the airport but i was a bit late, sparky needed to be seen off first...hymi and squeaky were ok and patiently waiting so i got them home as quick as i could. they are LOVELY....they came out of their carrier and dived right into the food. if they can have a good appetite after their stressful trip, they will do just fine here. sweet. sweet cats, and yes they are bonded really strongly too. they have already decided that their private suite is nice but are more than ready to start exploring the rest of the medical room. sadly, it looks like squeakers has a tiny bit of ringworm so they need to stay put until we clear that up first. once that is done, getting them over and settled into the main house should be no problem for them to handle at all.

also kodi is here. i was so hoping that right off the bat he would start trying to kill the other animals so i could send him away. but kodi being a cattledog decided not to cooperate. he is keeping a low profile and not calling any attention to himself at all. he looks quite worried....oh well, cattledogs only worry for awhile before they get busy being themselves. i have him right in the middle of the kitchen with free access to him from all of the cats and most of the dogs...might as well oversaturate him quickly...either he will become a real problem or he will not.

he is so freaking adorable that i really hope he does not!!!

murphy and little big bud went to the vet....murphy needs dental surgery and surgical repair of an infected cherry eye and little bud seems ok. i told the vet i want it on record that they both came into saints fat.
murphy weighed in as a 39.7 pound cocker...and little big bud weighed in at a whopping 40.2 pound JRT....their excess admission weight was not from me! (i will accept responsibility if they don't eventually lose a few pounds...but not for them getting there in the first place)...not my fault!

they shared a cheeseburger from mcdonalds instead of getting a whole one version of dieting..painless and trauma free.

so.... holes in our hearts not withstanding, and discounting the temporary worry of an old cattledog...all is well at saints tonight, please god, let it stay well for a little while more.