Rescue Journal

and saints welcomes...

Carol  ·  Feb. 3, 2010

mandy and max...15 and 16 yr old mother and son lhaso's...they were at the clinic today for euth...owner passed away, both are know how it goes for really old dogs. anyway luckily their temporary caregiver was happy to find that there was another alternative for them. they are both very spry and bright...both need dentals so the clinic pulled some blood. max is partially blind and very dependent upon his mom. cute little dogs, they are all over the place checking everyone out...not quite sure why cole doesn't want to make friends during his nap time.

and...kodi-bear is absolutely choked....he has his nose shoved into the kitchen door leading out to the entranceway..."what's up with 2 more freaking dogs! there were more than enough dogs here already today!!!!"

poor kodi...he is in rescue hell.

max and mandy are way was less sullen than someone else i know!