Rescue Journal

grrrhhh..max is dragging his head around again and not eating!!!

Carol  ·  Feb. 13, 2010

i am going to talk to the vets about taking him off everything and just sticking him on least favorite canine drug (not so bad for cats) will work not only as an anti inflammatory, and a general picker upper, but it is an appetite stimulant too. plus it is only one pill twice a day, instead of 4 different meds twice a day which when he is not eating is a pain in the ass. stubborn little bugger!

esther is laying behind me whispering something in a low moan that i am supposed to understand..ok sweetie, not in the mood for guessing games..speak clearer if you can!

merridith went to her permanent foster home this weekend, i spoke with her mom and it is such a great home that she was ok with that. i got a pic tonight of merridith and her new brother, albert (he just lost his lifelong friend so he was very sad) matching pink and blue jackets...hah! a goat in a coat! too freaking cute!!!

sorry, i tried to post it here but i can't (nicole has still not given me my cheat sheet for posting pictures on the blog for dummies..ah hem.)

two new bunnies in...anthony hopkins and thumperina (blame louise!)...they were at first for sale and then for free. this worried bunnies are pretty darn risky. since we have lost a few of our old guys and their partners have re-bonded with others, we actually have a spare pen. they are in separate cages for the next few weeks until their spay/neuter and then some time for the hormones to go away....then we will put them together so they can forever have a best friend. welcome little ones.

ok..those bed buddies are frantic...i just got the last load of laundry in and the mp guys are all little spoiled ones... here i come!