Rescue Journal

this is how a perfect feels like spring after work evening goes...

Carol  ·  Feb. 20, 2010

the sun is still shining when i pull into the driveway..i grab frodo, feed him his dinner and put him safely in the trailer for the night. i pop into the mp building, check everyone there and start rotating the dogs for their outside pee time. i go over to the barn, move the barn guys around, close the gates and put out the hay, bring the horses, sheep and ellie in while colleen feeds them their dinner and apples and treats. tonight we spent a few minutes watching first gilbert and then percy play with a cardboard box...and then watch percy start to play with the green rolling farm wagon. we finally take the wagon away and get the hell out of his way as he charges around bucking, pissed right off that we took the wagon away. the pigs get a bedtime extra apple for desert, the barn gets closed up and then i go back to the mp room. i feed everyone, do the meds and insulin and close any open windows and doors and settle them all for bed.

i head into the big dog room, let them all out for a pee and i mop up the floors, change any wet floor linens, feed felix and then archie. i feed angel and caspar and give them their insulin, cuddle felix for a minute before i stick him safely back in his playpen. shadow gets her meds, the others get a treat and then i move over to the main house to take care of the guys in there. they all go out for a pee and i mop up the floors and put new linens down.. i move them all back into the house and into the computer room. i let perdy out for her pee and start a load of laundry, check on the cats and the food and water bowls, bring perdy back and put her back in the laundry area and let everyone loose again and if i eat, share my dinner.

it takes about 2 hours it is just bedtime meds, pee breaks, a bedtime walk for doris, laundry, blogging, more mopping of the floors (cuz THAT never ends) and spreading the one on one affection around....then it is bed buddy time...and all night keep felix from falling off the bed time and we are done for the night.

if it all goes is a pretty good way to spend an evening.