Rescue Journal

not much news...

Carol  ·  Feb. 24, 2010

bunessa redgrave (aka thumperina) and anthony hopkins went into the vet today for their spay/neuter. bunessa was in fact a boy bunny so his new name is bun jovi. they both seem to be recovering well. i will keep an eye on them tonight.

only one dog coming from california will be a small one who they take off of death row today. the other two are coming next week...mommas may have a home interested in her in california so i really don't know who will eventually arrive...all i know is it will be someone who did run out of time.

perdy had her vet check today...can we say big cry baby over a stethescope???

you'd have thought someone had tried to murder her once while pretendiong to listen to her heart.

of the new spca cats....sweet pea is definitely in heat..oh yay. so i am assuming that the hoader did not spay ebony either. guess we will try to book them in next week. chief is neutered tho so that is good.

that is it for the news...except..i had a long talk with my personal bank manager today. there is a possibility that if i am really careful and dedicated, i might actually be able to pay off my mortgage before retirement..i just need to carefully manage my paycheques....if i can pay off the means that when i retire, i won't need to sell this place to survive (i can't afford a mortgage on half a pension.) that is actually very good news for saints! so today i am happy that i called him..i am very proud of myself for pre-planning 8-13 years in advance!