Rescue Journal

i got up at 5am...on a day off...

Carol  ·  Mar. 3, 2010

to finish digging up the buried emails from the last week....and i finally realized how they get buried and lost. someone will ask me some kind of question that i have to think can you take my dog or cat...are you free on june 16th (i have to find my work schedule to check)...can you tell me something i need to know but you have to find the answer somewhere.

anyway...i was making good progress til i got to the can we link our websites one....i went to check out the website to see what it was and it is down. stopped dead in my email answering tracks..i made a cup of tea and now i don't want to go back to digging..there are too many!
ah well, such is life..maybe i will make myself go back later.

bedtime was fun last night. i went in to watch tv with the bed buddies at 10 pm...there was NOTHING on. so i turned it off and thought i might as well get a good sleep. everyone settled in well..the chaos disappeared as everyone found their spot. 11pm and they are all finally asleep but i am still awake..... and i am i get up and get them all going again or do i just lay here with my stomach grumbling?

getting up was 6 hours away and i never eat first thing in the morning, i need a couple of hours to adjust to being awake...8 hours was too long to wait. so up i get and the dogs wake up instantly raring to go for another round of canine insanity.

shit..i should have starved.

i am up for maybe twently minutes..the chaos of my return is brutal. finally they all start settling again...except for felix who needs to go all the way thru his one hour flip flop, i am so happy thing again...and suzie who has to rip off the skin on my face and neck with her pointy, nail imbedded, digging front feet and daphne who has to whip that soggy sock monkey around before she can go back to sleep.

i swear the three of them are totally nutz and together, all around my is quite the scene. i lay there quietly letting them do their thing while caspar licks my lower leg over and over and over again, while jerry growls deeply at kodi getting his bed nice and squishy, and while chica slips in from above on my pillow to start licking my eyes.

and here is the have to relax and become completely inert..they cannot for a second sense any tension, any reluctance to share in their bedtime settling thing...there can be no perceived desire to escape, to get away, to stop them from doing what they are doing...or they get upset and anxious and everyone else knows it and wakes up to see what is wrong in their bedtime world tonight.

pretty bad when a combined body weight of less than 40 pounds holds me hostage for a good hour every night....and sometimes..if i am hungry, twice.

i should have passed on the snack...stupid me.



Hey Carol maybe you should have a video camera tape getting into bed with all the chaos etc and offer that in place of you know the hair thing. I think it would be much more enjoyable to watch.