Rescue Journal

insight, bad sight and blindsight

Carol  ·  Mar. 4, 2010

i heard a sarah mclachlan song today that hit home for me. i downloaded the lyrics below, but if you have a chance to hear the actual song, it is quite beautiful. i don't know who she wrote it for but it reminded me of something important.

When somebody loved me,
Everything was beautiful.
Every hour we spent together,
Lives within my heart.

And when she was sad,
I was there to dry her tears,
And when she was happy so was I.
When she loved me.

Through the summer and the fall,
We had each other that was all.
Just she and I together,
Like it was meant to be.

And when she was lonely,
I was there to comfort her,
And I knew that she loved me.

So the years went by,
I stayed the same.
But she began to drift away.
I was left alone.
Still I waited for the day,
When she'd say "I will always love you"

Lonely and forgotten,
Never thought she'd look my way,
And she smiled at me and held me,
Just like she used to do.
Like she loved me,
When she loved me.

When somebody loved me,
Everything was beautiful,
Every hour we spent together,
Lives within my heart.
When she loved me.

i heard that song and i remembered my dog. tyra gets the less of me, she shares me a lot and i need to remember to hold her every day so she knows i love her most.
today that was my most deep and important thought.
i love you tyra!

everyone who has ever met me knows dressup is not my long as whatever i am wearing is comfortable, i am cool with whatever it is.

except at bedtime...then i sometimes dress up..i like pajamas and bathrobes and slippers...i like them a lot.
so with all of my laundry finally done and all put away, with clean sheets and blankets on my bed and a hot bubble bath..i put on my everything clean and nice bed attire. i am wearing cool, stretching black and white pj's with a pretty turquoise robe is solid turquoise and my slippers have turquoise insides...i am happy...i am clean and dressed nicely for bed and everything is very comfortable, in good repair and matched quite well.

i slip over to the mp building to settle them all for bed..i even found a matching turquoise leash to take doris for her walk tonight. i have no idea what my neighbors think of me walking doris in my slippers and bathrobe..hopefully no one saw me....(but if they did, at least i matched.)

upon our return, i said good night to all and turned off the nights and went out the back door to enter the house from the dog yard.

ughhh! i should know better than to wear nice, clean soft slippers in the dark thru saints dog yard. i threw them in the wash really quick so i could return to my matching bedtime turquoise mentally happy place.

if you really want to have some really good and happy fun, dress up for bed and while you are waiting for your slippers to with a blind dog on your bed. some folks who have seen her in action... know that angel can be pretty demanding and relentless (and perforate your ear drums) when she decides it is time for her insulin and bedtime snack.

i wanted to watch the rest of idol so i decided to distract her with playing til the shows end. it worked really well and it did not work at all.... while she was distracted so was i. she was so much bloody fun, that i missed the show completely anyway.

even tho angel is not stupid, (she is really smart,) she is blind and she is also used to me being way up above her. so there we are, me laying on the bed, and her knowing i was there but she in her excitement kept forgetting so she was leaping up into the air to get me. way up would fly the blind angel and when she came down on top of me, she remembered where i was and she would roll all over me, happy we both were there.

prudence however was not so happy with a blind angel flinging around...she anxiously came over and laid across my head and asked me to please stop playing with the flying black was hurting her ears and her head.

angel again!

prudish prudence