Rescue Journal

some mornings you get out of bed....

Carol  ·  Mar. 7, 2010

and all you can say

wow is taken care of for now, i can do without a repeat.

today's wow was brought to me by a blind and understandably upset diabetic minpin...i sure hope he settles soon.

tyra hurt her knee again yesterday, she was thundering around as usual...last night i watched her spread eagle on the kitchen floor when her knee gave out completely. at 14 yrs old, i am not capsizing her currently stable life boat with a difficult 12 week surgical recovery. rest and meds and an eventual arthritic but pain managed knee is the medical plan for my very special and much loved sweetie.

gwen (in foster) however is only nine and her knee is toast too. we have done all the pre-op assessments and the surgery/recovery is worth it for she goes in on tuesday and then will return to saints for her probable 3 month recovery. we will enforce her rest, we will not care that she is not happy because we are not about to waste her trauma or the money this surgery will cost by feeling sorry for her and letting her wreck the surgical repair before it is fully healed. i wish we could afford the gold standard surgical repair...that heals in a month...but at 5 grand, we simply can't....we owe too much to all our vets right now.
so we settle for the old style repair which is just as effective as long as you follow the 3 month recovery rules.

i feel somewhat guilty that a foster dog will get a chance at a full recovery that my girl will not....but tyra is getting just too old to take the risk (even if she does act like she is still 2.) i love you is not money, it is the reality of reaching your golden years....some things are better not fixed...good management is a safer option.

i am going to look on line for a knee brace for her tho...i think that might help her feel better while her scar tissue forms.