Rescue Journal

the grinch who stole cookies

Carol  ·  Apr. 6, 2010

archie is seizuring again this morning..i talked to the vet yesterday about a phenobarb dose. he said if archie has any more seizures this week to start him so i guess we will start him today.

i am going to ask all staff, volunteers, visitors to saints..not to keep any treats in their pockets...not dog cookies, not barn yard treats, nothing even remotely tasty please. treats need to be a conscious thought...not readliy accessible. if someone needs a treat then we have to go somewhere to get them.

human pockets are for human stuff, not walking animal treat cupboards..this is a really bad habit to get can put the animals at risk (greedy cookie seeking animals can unintentionally hurt humans in their treat search) and it can put humans at risk too...( if you or another animal gets hurt badly...and an animal becomes dangerous thru cookie/treat searches, i may have to put that animal down so they cannot hurt anyone else.) plus please remember, we do have animals with various problems here...we have free roaming (100+) animals who weigh can more than 1000 pounds and can hurt a human while pushing them around, we have biters and food grabbers and animals who become so stressed and wound up when free food is an issue, we have diabetics, animals with occasional or ongoing bowel issues, kidney/cardiac diseases, we have gideon's who are hard to feed under the best of circumstances and he needs an empty belly in order to eat his specially formulated meals.

treats for animals requires conscious thought on both species part....conscious thought keeps everyone safe.
i hand out quite a few treats during the day to certain animals for various reasons..but...i have to go and get them, i have thought about why i am giving them and i am careful about how i give them so i do not cause a treat instigated riot.

geez i never thought me of all people would turn into the grinch who stole treats but it occurs to me that i actually use treats for a purpose...i don't usually on a daily basis hand them out willy nilly mostly because i physically have to go get them and because i NEVER keep treats in my pockets...these guys bug me enough as it is..i don't need everyone following me around trying to stick their noses into my pockets...that is annoying and rude.

they already know my pockets have nothing to do with them and are mine alone...they should know everyone elses pockets have nothing to do with them either...i should have thought of this before. duh.