Rescue Journal

the best thing that life ever gave me is....

Carol  ·  Apr. 6, 2010

my hands. they are not strong hands, they are not smart hands, they are not rich or powerful or beautiful hands.
these hands are not witty or clever, they hold no secrets, no answers, not even any questions.

but they are soft hands. they are kind hands, they know how to comfort, they know how to play. they know how to communicate what my heart has no words for and they know how to be capable and responsible.

my right hand is still suffering from mop hand today, but it suffers considerably less than it did last week. my hands can feel pain, they can clench in anger, they can tremble with fear. my hands can beg forgiveness, they can clap for joy and my hands can type very fast with only two fingers.

my hands can say welcome, my hands can say go away. my hands can say stop doing that, or everything is really ok.

my hands are the best part of me because they are actually doing something pertinent most of the time.

but if idle hands mean idle mind, then do busy hands mean busy mind?
cuz i think most days my mind gets way too busy.....

maybe my hands need a vacation.

tonight my hands felt the silky softness of daphne, they caressed caspar sleeping at my side, they zero'd in and found the sore spot on suzie, they told an anxious archie, that he had nothing to fear. they admonished the mongolian madman and banished him to his bed. they massaged little max's very stiff and sore little neck. they changed wet linens and picked up poop with paper towels and yes, they did again, wield that hurtful mop.

they are not only spiritual and emotional but they are physical and practical too.

i think my hands are the best part of me, i think i should take care of them and give them a rest on a beach in hawaii...i think my hands have earned it.

too bad that won't ever happen cuz idle and empty hands would drive my poor over used brain totally insane.