Rescue Journal

i was listening to the rain pouring down when i was laying in bed last night and worrying about stuff again...

Carol  ·  May 19, 2010

and that was one less thing to worry least the upper field with it's newly seeded and fertilized ground was getting some much needed moisture again.

it was out and out chilly in here and i felt bad but i was not turning on the fireplaces and heaters...i need to get the heat and electricity bills down now so everyone looking cold just got wrapped up in fleece.

bibi is starting to settle and look to me finally...not fully yet but i can see it coming eventually and that too is a bit of a relief.

kodi was doing something last night..not exactly sure what cuz i couldn't see.

he was either very happy to be back in my room at bedtime and on the nice bed next to mine...or he was having some kind of seizure or pain crises that made him moan and groan and roll and flip flop all over that bed.

i am pretty sure it was the first option because after about 20 minutes he was quiet and out like a light. i was not worried enough by the sounds he was making to disturb all of the bed buddies and get kodi and everyone else all riled up by getting up to look to find out for sure.

OBVIOUSLY I was moaning for JOY. The bedroom is where all the COOL dogs are ... also when you put me behind THIS ... I can't herd THEM!

so i lay there and listened to the rain and to kodi and then to nothing at all, because both had finally stopped. ahhh silence at saints is golden.

and then my worry finally stopped too as i fell asleep so that was good.