Rescue Journal

the horses are still good

Carol  ·  Jun. 6, 2010

looks like we dodged the colic bullet...the founder bullet we will have to wait a couple of more weeks to know we dodged too.

These horses must have horse shoes up their butts because they sure don't have them on their feet

this morning i have such a sharp pain that runs from my shoulder blade to my neck and down my is definitely a "i slept wrong" thing....that would be because my pillow conformation has changed because one of my most favorite pillows was so horribly assaulted yesterday, it had to be tossed away.

apparently there is a price for everything....ripples in the freaking rescue pond.

larry went home i have no one to watch stiffly prance and to to-to-to-totooddle sing along with. good for him, sucks for me.

Bye Larry ... Carol and Jenny will miss you. Be happy little guy
larrylarry and jenny in the background

ruby (the new little cat) is coming along..she is eating again, and liking me to pet her. i will try her out of the cage for a little bit tomorrow since it is my day off.

She may have purred for Carol but she growled at Me (Jenn) when I snapped this shot

we are losing angelina...she has been offerred a fulltime, better paying job. i knew this might happen when we had to cut hours back..more ripples in the saints consequence pond. i am really sorry to lose her, she is great with the animals, she puts up really well with me and i am so comfortable working with her, she did such a great job in the mp building when she took over for louise is a huge loss all around...oh well....maybe she will hate the new job and want to come back one day when we have full hours and are more financially stable....hope always floats til it sinks!

anyway..not to worry about the animals care, louise is able to come back and help us out again.

i have to say that angelina's timing is perfect because i am on holidays during the transition of staff...i will be around getting ready for the open house and can help out with stuff while louise again finds her running saints feet.

thanking god for several small favors today at saints....not only is ruby better, the horses are ok, and i did not suffer a rat induced heart attack during my midnight barn checks.



Best wishes Angelina & hope you come to visit cuz all the critters will miss you too !!


Yeah Larry scored BIG and got an awesome home! Make sure you come and visit. Angelina thanks for all you have done over the years for the crippled crew..they will miss you...take care and best of luck in your new job.


larry will have a great home with colleen, she is such a nice person and adores larry. good luck angelina hope all goes well for you.