Rescue Journal

and my grumpiness continues...

Carol  ·  Jul. 1, 2010

ripples in the pond of losing your dog...along with hope my sense of humour has sunk.

so today i found out that yet again some dastardly person in rescue is stealing animals again...and who gets blamed? i do. and why?

because last weekend i came home with 11 battery hens, 8 rabbits and one little donkey that i bought and paid for.... from a person who buys and sells animals as an animal broker.

apparently the animals stolen, were stolen from someone who keeps them as pets.

i have to say that no one gives a shit about rabbits or chickens and they were not the types of animals stolen anyway..i was told that a bunch of goats, some cows, pigs and a donkey were taken...and gee i guess because i just got a donkey, it means i must have stolen them all...luckily my long time friend in rescue gave me a heads up on the rumours flying around again.

wel..sorry...amos was one of 5 donkeys for sale...(he was the only one on a chain)..i guess i should have come home with 2 or 3 donkeys instead of just one and then i would not be accused of stealing someones pet.

and here is what really pisses me off....i have no idea how or where those stolen animals were kept...i don't know if they were well taken care of or actually needed to be taken away.

i have no idea because i had nothing to do with them but i am wondering again over the timing of this.

the last time someone hooked my name up to a stolen german shepherd dog was conveniently when gwen was here recovering from her knee surgery. this time when some animals are stolen, it happens to be when i am out buying animals (including a donkey.)

no i am not paraniod enough to think that someone is setting me up personally...but i do know how this stuff works..and having my name innocently attached takes the suspicion off the actual thieves.

way to go to muddy up the waters and deflect attention might be brilliant coincidence but i am the wrong person to use. is not like i don't have the guy that i bought everyone from and mo, tammy, and colleen who not only went with me but were here when the broker delivered them here as other than dirty, misinformed rumours floating around...i have nothing to worry about.

except it really does piss me off to have mine or saints name attached to animal theft....carol hine and SAINTS rescue do not ever steal animals. if i really have to, i am more than willing to buy them and you can always buy them if you offer enough.... but that is as far as it ever goes.

another freaking soap opera in rescue plays another unpopular re-run today.

and as a fair warning..i strongly suggest that in the future of those stealing animals in the name of "rescue" that everyone involved makes damn sure there is no way on god's green earth that the rumours will include me any way because if it ever happens again..i will start talking about the interesting things that i always some vague kind of rumours about certain folks who do steal animals and where they might actually be.

whoever you are..if you please would be careful about whatever it is that you do to ensure it does not slip over to someone who is not associated in any way with all very blunt honesty...while your work may be extremely important to the fuck is mine and you are messing around with my reputation (on purpose or by accident, i do not care)...... and that is something i do not like very much.