Rescue Journal

day off tomorrow...i can screw around on the blog and feed tula peak freans behind the computer screen, as much as i want....

Carol  ·  Jul. 14, 2010

do you know why i am the very epitome of the crazy animal person and you are not? because i believe i can see inside their real brains....and that takes a lot of not only conviction to say it but a great deal of arrogence too...(most folks are too shy and polite.)

i believe i am an animal communicator...not an airy fairy " i read their thoughts from 2 feet or 2 thousand miles away"...but a communicator..which means i pull together what i know about their species, along with their specific breed..i pull in what i know about their unique and individual personality, i READ their body language..not just when i am looking for something but even when we run into each other casually in passing so i know what is "normal" or what is different in how their body parts move..and i look around them to see what has been happening too.

i have some pretty strong opinions like...most (not all) dogs in our western society are bred throughout countless generations to crave a human friend...even if you totally suck at caring for them, they will try really hard to love you.

most cats will like you if you recognize one simple thing...they are the higher evolved being and you are the servant of them.

horses will like you if you give them a good home, a nice grassy pasture to roam around in, a warm, dry bed at night, some good horse friends to create a herd with and then leave them alone to enjoy.

cows will like anyone who is kind and will spend some time to hang out with them. they like hanging out with people because people do interesting things.

pigs can take or leave you depending on what is of benefit to them..if they are napping, buzz off..if they are hungry, feed them please..if you are working at something, get out of the way and let them wreck it for you.

goats are just plain hungry..they are the beagles of the farm crew...but they also like to go for walks and rough house with you.

rabbits are much like horses...they like the same things..clean homes, space to move around and a close knit bunny family.

and i think this is how these animals are born naturally...sometimes if we confine them away from their natural herd or pack mates, we become more important to them than we would if they could freely chose who they would really like to hang out with..others of their own kind or me.

marilla loved me more before clover and maple came...once she had them, she didn't need as much of a relationship with me...they fulfilled her needs better than i ever could.

some of the cats pick me (i am a very good servant and they can see a good thing when it is happening)...most of the dogs pick me too but the pickings are slim so they have to...the cows and goats don't have to actually chose one over the other because usually all of their herd comes along together to see what i am up to and if it involves any food.

but the horses and pigs and the ducks and the chickens and the sweet little bunnies are mostly only interested in me when they are hungry...otherwise they have their own things to do.

and because i truly believe this is the way it is supposed to be for them...i totally respect it and don't try to change this for them.

so i chatter away in stupid conversations while i am tending to their needs...and i push the envelop once in a while by kissing noses to fulfil my needs.

i joke irreverently around with the dogs because they happen to like it but i don't do that to cats who would be deeply offended and i don't poke at the pigs to tease them to play with me because i know it would piss them off and make them want to bite me. i will push the goats and cows around because they think it is fun but i would never even think to do it to a rabbit or a horse because it would scare them...that is just not done.

and if i know what is normal and natural for them...then i can easily see when something is not right for them too and when they are unhappy.

i know amos is not happy right now but i also know eventually he will be. once his hormones have gone down and i can figure out the best way to safely meet his needs. i know chewie is not happy right now too...but i can't put my finger on why. not sure if it is physical, mental or emotional but i will eventually figure it out.

i know that bibi is settling finally and beginning to find his comfort zone here..i know that bailey really loves me and will pretty much always listen to me unless it is about a farm animal or goat. and i know that jesse is not afraid enough of me and will not listen to me unless i get right on top of him and MAKE him listen right now. i know that perdy cannot help grabbing other dogs in her mouth and chica and suzie will get into a fight with any creature (OF ANY SIZE) on this earth if they dare to piss them off. max and mandy will never fight with anyone about anything, ever and dusty will fight with anyone of the same size as her or bigger.

reggie and phoebe really can't help being ADDH and pains in the ass and daphne was just born to be bossy and a cuddle bug too...but these are personality things.

and if i know these guys well, inside and out..if i understand who they are and not who i think they should be..then it stands to reason that i can effectively communicate with them.

animal communication is about one thing only...meeting their actual (not perceived) needs. do that and you both understand each other quite well and everyone is as happy as they can be.....except amos, mr. eyeore donkey.