Rescue Journal

you know...

Carol  ·  Jul. 29, 2010

people have said some pretty horrible things about me whenever i happen to piss someone off.
but i do believe the lowest and dirtest and most disgusting of all was the "make them older, make them sicker..make more money...saint carol, full of shit."

tonight i sat in the memorial garden, and listened to the wind chimes...i thought about all of the animals those chimes represented...spritely, jeanette, todd, cole, kissy, copper, kai, clyde, apollo, jewel, sissy, rose ...i thought about the ones whose chimes i still have to find...tunie, kodi, sidney, maple, the 3 cassie girls...i thought about the ones who will one day, all too soon, hang in that garden too...molly, lola, mandy, lilith, brutus, gideon.....tula.

and i am so very, very dare anyone, ever, use them and make those lives and deaths something dirty to get back at me.

this blog is closed until saints is again clean.