Animal Updates


Carol  ·  Aug. 6, 2010

chica is an interesting dog...emotionally, she is very mature. she knows what she wants which primarily centers around comfort, personal power and food.

she has no real sense of humour..her idea of play is to seriously hump someone else and if they object too strongly, tell them to piss off. i have seen her viciously go after a dog on my bed. if she thought that dog was distrupting her personal ideal of peace, she immediately and repeatedly attacked til i could reach her and pull her off. she does not bother to think about it for more than a millisecond either before or after...what was done, she deemed necessary and therefore ok.

she is not a dog to feel guilty for behaving in a bad way.

she does have a real soft side..she likes to always be touching me at bedtime and she likes suzie to clean her eyes until she falls asleep. these things are critically important to her personal wellbeing. but that pretty much is the only soft sides to chica that i have ever seen.


soooo..this morning she gets up and follows me into the kitchen. she finally decided to acknowledge the existence of harold for some reason.

"look at me"..."i am cute"..."hey, big ya wanna play with me?"


harold is looking a bit interested. she looks like she might be someone fun to hang out with so he is thinking this might be ok.

don't do it harold..i would ignore her right now. i have no idea what that tiny power dog is up to but knowing chica, it is not something too pleasant for you.