Rescue Journal

i guess this would be where...

Carol  ·  Aug. 9, 2010

the day after arrival an animal suddenly and miraculously has a brand-new and serious health issue for me to suck money out of everyone for.... however...i will leave his age alone this time.

oh..and i am really not asking for money....the diagnostics and any treatments will just go on our vet account, the actual costs won't be much...i wish they were more so we could actually cure him.

ziggy will not be placed up for adoption, he will become a permanent sanctuary animal. there actually was a good reason behind his original owners intention to euthanize....ziggy's lungs are destroyed. he probably had an aspirated pnuemonia as an infant that either wasnt treated at all or was treated too quickly and incompletely..the resulting damage to his lungs a year later, is really quite profound.
the vet asked if we really wanted to go thru with his gelding if he was going to be dead in a year.
but i think we do...he looks really healthy right now except for the nasal discharge and a slight cough...his body condition is good enough to see him thru the surgical stress. while he is under, we can actually xray his lungs for a really good look at what is going on in there and if we do happen to manage his medical care really well over time..maybe he will live longer and healthier than we expect him to.

i did want to keep the little bugger, but not this way....i don't want to keep him, love him and then soon have to help him to pass away.

way to go ziggy-pop, make all of us love you the best and the very most that we possibly can...palliative babies are the absolute hardest and biggest heartbreak of totally sucks.