Rescue Journal

i think i forgot...

Carol  ·  Aug. 22, 2010

to say thank you to colleen and hubby for..the cookies, fixing the new hole in the wall, for wiring in the feed shed window, putting a new latch on the door and fixing the latch on the computer room door....and switching the latches around once we realized how stupid i am.

i am pretty sure i barely recall a conversation a couple of weeks ago about the new latch for the feed shed. and i pretty sure i vaguely remember saying i like those gate latches that latch as soon as the door closes so you don't have to think about it again. today wendy clearly demonstrated the problem with those types of latches...if you are in a feed room with a wired shut window and the door swings closed on cannot get out because the latch is on the other side of the door.
i think wendy was stuck in there for several minutes before anyone noticed she was missing in action.

and here is a scary thought...carol stuck in the feed shed from 7pm til 8am the next morning when the staff show up. no one looking after the animals...maybe not all of the barn guys fed and put to bed, no one to do the diabetics and meds, no one to let the dogs in and out and mop up the pee and the poop. no one to check in with emergency to see how lucky is one to write a blog or cuddle with the needy ones and no one to step up to the plate if anyone gets sick or starts seizuring, stroking or just being a pain in the ass...the thought of this just scares the crap right out of me...thank god for wendy, thank god for good people who fix my stupid ideas late in the day.

and thank you to everyone again today for seeing us safely and well to the end of another busy weekend.

one of the cockatiels is not well..i can't tell you which one because i can't tell them apart..i honestly just do not spend any time with them beyond feeding and cleaning and giving fresh water....this was my plan...give them a great place to live, far better than they ever had before...make sure they are well taken care of and then leave them alone cuz they like each other better than they like us.

of course now i see the flaw in this of them is sick and if she dies, the other will be alone without a single trusted friend. this was rather stupid and short sighted of me...maybe i am not as much of a preferred companion as a much loved fellow bird friend...but if push came to shove and suddenly one was alone..maybe i as a human would have been ok to have around when loneliness threatened to overwhelm...if i was known and trusted well.

so here is the thing now...butter and puck (and yellow rose and texas too) one dare die anytime soon until i rectify this beyond stupid thing i did..i have closed all the windows and doors to decrease the drafts, i have turned on the heat to keep them warm, i have added tetracycline to their water and have seen both of them drinking. now please..let this be enough to ward off whatever illness you are feeling. we need some time to get to know each other so not only can i tell who is who, but so that we all get a chance to learn to know each other better..i think this would be good.
and i am so sorry i did not think of it before.
this human is particularly stupid sometimes...sad but true.