Rescue Journal

i am trying to decide...

Carol  ·  Aug. 30, 2010

if i can stand the thought of both griffin and sammy moving over to mine and the big dog room (which now only has 2 big dogs left in and jesse.)
i have enough highly reactive little toads over there...but i want to calm down the computer area so i can move doris and yoshi back over here.
doris's skin is getting bad again and i think she would do better in the house, under my feet, so i can easily bath her whenever i in the late evenings when i have some extra time. and yoshi just keeps getting more and more social...he is actually almost ready now to join everyone else on the group field and barn excursions and i think he will like that a lot. he also is wanting more time with hanging around with humans now.

i think doris and yoshi and molly and mandy and max and larry and maude and esther are a good computer room personality mix..if the two min pin hornets move off to a different area. andy, bibi and harold prefer the kitchen anyway.

it all depends on what happens if i let those min pins loose in my room...i will try them on my days off and see how much trouble those little buggers get in to.

i think bonita is coming this week...she is the last dog on the coming in list....she has been waiting for almost 8 weeks. i think she will do ok here... i just have to decide which area is best for her...if she can do ok with jesse..i do prefer that area for her. with bailey re-homed, the gate is now open between those two rooms which is plenty of space IF the bed guys would spread themselves out better between those rooms.

and now that scrappy the invading dog punisher has moved on to greener pastures...i am wondering how those cats would react to a little 3 pound butterfly chi joining their ranks. it would be nice not to have to worry about pixie slipping out a door unseen and she might like it better back there...anyway i am thinking on that too.

slowly the numbers here are becoming more managable here again....for every three or four that goes out..only one or two are getting back in. and this is again giving us back options of where each of the animals would be happiest living.

i am also thinking that blind barney might do ok in the back cat rooms over here...he is pretty social and he likes frequent cuddling sessions which he is more likely to get over here living with me...we will see..first we need him to be loose in the medical room to see how he does with a little more room.

decisions, decisions, decisions...always trying to make things as safe and good as they can be for all of our crippled crew.