Rescue Journal

the little buggers.

Carol  ·  Sep. 5, 2010

jesse was a total dick head today..i got so mad at him...he jumped both bibi and then harold with me right there to see...pretty stupid of him if you ask i sent him back to the office, he did not want to go but i made him. if he wants to come out and play with the rest of us, he better watch his manners..i am not tolerating that shit from him.
anyway..we did make up tonight but i told him, even if i am not mad at him anymore...i still expect him to try to be good. if he would stop acting like a dick head, he could come back into the house.
everyone with a thinking brain, makes my books...being a dog is not an excuse.

and ziggy was a dick head tonight too. he was playing with sweet caroline in the field...a little head butting and goofing around but then he got over excited and she did not want to play any more because he was getting too pushy and rough (she is a sweet little old sheep, not a rambunctous young donkey like him). he kept bugging her so then she tried to get soon as she started to run, ziggy lost his mind in the fun of the chase. he was going nutz...running and grabbing her with his mouth...she became quite frightened and i had a hard time getting him to stop and calm lesson to be learned here..ziggy is a young and playful animal and the sheep and the dogs are not toys for him to rough house with. i think we will let him stay with the cows during the day now until he grows a bit more maturity and brains....if he wants to roughhouse..percy will be glad to oblige.

well..that was it for the saints dick heads today...i did hear via the grapevine that chewie was being a bit of a bugger too, but he was good with me at bedtime.