Rescue Journal

any help at saints today would be greatly appreciated...

Carol  ·  Sep. 16, 2010

we are short staffed today and ryan and andy are both new and have not really been in the house very much...i can't take the day off cuz we are totally swamped at work and i am doing my turn at in charge AND last night i told all of the nurses if anyone phoned in sick for today, i would personally go and find them so there is no way i can not show up for work!

anyway..if anyone has even an hour or two to do even one room in the house..that would really help...i haven`t been able to get home for lunch all week and today won`t be any different. ryan and andy will do what they can i am sure...but they do not really know the house animals yet or the routines...(we were going to address that next once they were both totally comfortable with the barn and mp building!)

just putting this out there..if you can on here and pick a job and i will call the guys and let them know what, if any, help is coming.

i am off tomorrow, not that it helps any today.

oh and just to really screw it up today..the carpet layers will be here at 8 am to do the hideaway suite..i already emptied out the portable stuff last pm and they will move out the big stuff on their own today but it just makes for extra chaos around here today.