Rescue Journal

i fell tonight...

Carol  ·  Sep. 17, 2010

came out out the shop after dark and tripped over the metal farm wagon... note to self..tomorrow, move that to a safer after dark location cuz that freaking well hurt.

max had a seizure today...i talked to the vet, she said if he seizures any more in the next 24 hours, that problem with his neck could be originating from a tumour pressing on his spine. no more seizures max!

lucky and pixie got into the vets...pixie had her bloodwork and it is already back so she is cleared for her dental surgery..the vet said we should wait on her spay. the one eye is damaged from a prolapsed retina and she has partial vision in the other eye so we leave that one alone for now...she also has luxating patellas but we aren't doing anything about those either, too big a surgery for her advanced age.

lucky also had her bloodwork and she is still fighting her infection so she is back on for her 4th week of baytril to see if we can finally fully clear her pneumonia.

lyle came to look at the barn yard..if i can get a hog fuel delivery by monday he will start that afternoon..if not it will probably be wednsday or so..but it will be nice to get it all cleaned up and ready before the winter sets in so next week is good for me.

well....i finished everything out in the suite..the painting is done, the door just needs to be put back up..we packed up the van with the stuff for the fundraiser tomorrow and jenn took it all home.

ok...i am tired and still have to change my bed, do the meds and have a bath and try to get some more laundry pushed thru....i am back on barn duty tomorrow cuz mo's knee is bad..i do hope it doesn't rain.