Rescue Journal

and saints welcomes....

Carol  ·  Oct. 5, 2010

miss maybe...the mongolian monsterette.

she is way cuter than little mister and way meaner if you ask me. maybe likes to go looking for trouble, little mister only gives you trouble if you start messing with him.
she is still unused to missing all of her teeth so she is obsessed with licking constantly and trying to get her tongue to stay in. she bubbles at the mouth and out her nose because her tongue is in constant motion. she is not the least bit shy in telling dogs, cats or people to piss off immediately..... and then we have this raging snarling foaming tiny little hairy dog who i think is pretty darn funny.

she is adorable in an evil sort of way...she reminds me of suzie the landshark in her long past evil landshark days...but not even suzie was as nasty about pretty much everything as our new little maybe.
i think she looks like a tiny, furry, cranky, forest pygmy having a bad hair day from some scary children's bedtime story.....i quite like her a lot...but the other dogs don't like her at all..... they think there is no maybe about it, she should go right back to CAC asap!

sorry guys..we now have a new devil saint maybe...this ought to be twistedly fun.

i just gotta get me a video camera....oh...and miss maybe..there are a few rules around can't scare the mentally frail guys like yoshi, maude or mister..just the ones with their brains still intact like harold and bibi and esther.

and watch out for perdy and phoebe and jerry, dontcha be yanking on those three just as crazy chains...they are almost as mean as you and they still have all of their teeth.

i do so love gummy monster dogs...i like the tiny toothless terrors...
they are crazy little buggers but sort of fun to have at a time.

haha..she just picked her bed for the night...she decided she liked the bed already occupied by suzie, molly and one better move til she gets up in the morning.