Rescue Journal

not a great day....

Carol  ·  Oct. 15, 2010

i got home really late...thank goodness jenn had put out some hay to keep the barn guys appeased.

frodo was in the midst of kicking the neighbor cat's ass when i got home so i had to chase him down the road with a blanket to nab him (and not get bit) and toss him into the shop for the night.

bad cat.

lahanie was being a total dickhead tonight (i am sure he was pissed cuz i was pretty late)...he gave out one massive kick and totally split one of the 2x6 wooden boards between his and gideon's stall...he shattered that thick board right in was what i call a killer kick...if he had gotten one of us, we wouldn't have been walking away. jenn was able to get the broken board out so neither lahanie nor gideon cut themselves on the sharp splintered board during the night. but now there is a hole between the stalls that we have to fix and that pisses me off.

bad horse.

the medical room is not right without barney.....he was not anxiously waiting for dinner tonight...that felt really lonely and sad.

jenn stayed to watch a movie with me but al had a hard time settling and joey was continuously farting thru out the entire movie which smelled pretty bad.

i am still not feeling great...i left work early and went to the clinic and got sent back to the hospital for an xray..this actually works out pretty good because the results will probably be back by the time i have my doctors appointment next week which should speed things up for feeling better sooner than later i think...yay.

there is another new incoming....a 7 yr old papillon with a bunch of funky and suspicious lumps. she has been sent over to the maple ridge shelter today so i can pick her up tomorrow when i pick up the jelly bean girl in the morning...less travelling all over the place so that is greatly appreciated by me.

and......i think we are getting full again....that totally sucks.