Rescue Journal

here is the info on the new dogs coming up from LA...i got a total belly laugh..i told them pick "the absolute most pathetic that don't stand a chance..." and it looks like they did! welcome our newest incoming american saints....thunder, angel, bobby and

Carol  ·  Oct. 24, 2010

We may have a driver on wednesday or thursday who will take to medford, or to meet someone who will complete the trip. I have to pull the pics but thunder is a 10 year female cattle dof mix. She got attacked at doggy daycare and rolled over to show her belly, she has a laceration, tube will be removed before trip. Angel is a blind cocker, easy going and laid back, I think he's 13, bobby is a 14 year cocker (sorry for 2 cockers but wanted the oldest and most feeble), also partially blind, both are probaby deaf. Prince was a matted mess with a chip, owner died, family didn't want him, they signed him over to the shelter. Poodle mix had a tumor removed (shelter vet supposed to call me about results). Has kidney stones at vet right now on iv he hasn't been eating. He was also coughing so much that he busted his stitches open twice:(

I'll let you know when we get a better idea from our driver :) and pics:)