Rescue Journal

i have a plan....

Carol  ·  Nov. 3, 2010

and it is simple cuz complicated stuff just messes me up.

i stocked the fridge and the cupboards with safe and easy things. none of it fancy, all easily available at safeway cuz i like shopping there best...but most of it nutritional (except for the oreo cookies..i was so happy when nicole said they were safe to eat!)

and i will just stick to my easy and simple plan until i feel like or two things at a time and soon i won't even have to think about it anymore! i will know what brands i can buy and i won't have to peer at every single label. and i am pretty sure that my food choices will be much healthier then they were a week ago...that is a given cuz geez i ate crap!

i was tidying up the shop a bit (i thought i would try to keep it clean by doing it every week instead of just when i am on holidays)...and i was putting donations away. sometimes this too is really sad because many of our donations come from much loved dogs who have passed away. today it was one little dogs entire life in several bags...his meticulously clean beds and blankets, his toys, a dozen cheerful and bright little bandanas.....his little and spotlessly clean toothbrush.

i can just imagine the time and care and sadness that his person felt, making the loss even bigger as each item was carefully folded and placed into the bags. i remember a few years ago 4 large boxes with hundreds of freshly washed tennis balls all showed up from one single dog. i knew that dog had a very long and special life if he had collected so many tennis balls of his very own. how great for a dog to be so well loved for all of his life.

renee just took tiko down to the vets for a drop off...he is acting weird again today..lethargic and his gums are pale. he did this a couple of weeks ago but snapped out of it pretty quick. he was fine by the time i got home so i didn't worry about him again...but whatever it is, is happening again so hopefully the vets will figure out what it is and fix him. i wonder if that cat is diabetic...he is pretty darn hefty..but i haven't seen him going nutz at the water bowls so i don't think that is it. hopefully it is nothing terrible...hopefully whatever it is easily fixed. i just phoned eastridge to fax over his vet records to hillndale so at least there is previous baseline bloodwork to compare.

and now i better get back to my to do list until the vet calls about tiko and what is making him feel not well.