Rescue Journal

update on tiko...

Carol  ·  Nov. 3, 2010

it was a sudden cardiac event. he is on oxygen, his heart in enlarged and his lungs are full of fluid.

he is a strong healthy 9 yr old cat. he might make it thru and we might be able to manage his cardiac disease for a while...the vet is not sure. she is not leaving him at the clinic tonight but will be taking him home so she can moniter him. i have given her permission to euthanize at any point if she feels he is getting worse and suffering.

i hand fed tiko and his sublings from the time they were 5 days old. i called them the little butt suckers. all of the kittens found homes, but tiko and tasha came back a year or so ago because they had been mistakenly diagnosed with thyroid conditions and tiko was a bugger to give oral meds to.

i used to hold him in the palm of my hand and now he is two overflowing and crazy affectionate armfuls. he is a great cat and i hope he can come home again for awhile and feel well again.

hope floats for tiko tonight.