Rescue Journal

i was way out in whonnock seeing clients so it was an easy zip home for lunch today.

Carol  ·  Nov. 8, 2010

damn if they did not deliver our 100 bales of hay..IN THE PISSING DOWN RAIN!!!! they said they would stack it with the wet stuff at the front...i said if that shit starts molding, they are coming right back out to haul it out again, we are NOT paying 1500 bucks for moldy hay!!!...AND....why didn't they deliver 2 hours ago BEFORE it started to rain..PLUS...i ordered that hay a week ago for goodness sakes!

renee has done a chart up and put it on the fridge so anyone who ever feeds gideon can mark in each day exactly what he eats. he is looking so good now but he is also starting to get picky again. i guess once we got all of his weight back on and he wasn't feeling starved any more he now thinks he doesn't have to eat 3x's as much as the other horses..which is probably true. but i still want to really closely moniter him to make sure he is eating enough every day. it freaks me out that with the time change, i am unable to do his nightly feeding anymore...i like to be feeding him at least once a day so i know exactly how he is doing...i lost touch with what was happening him before..i don't want to lose touch on him again....he is way too old to be taking chances or risks with.

the phone guy came and we finally have working land lines again..the connections were all corroded..i bet from fruit loop or barbarian cat pee. freaking NOT spray mechanical, technical or electrical things!!

the FeLV room is quiet with murray not screaming at the door. rock was quietly looking at me last night...he has to realize how many near to deaths of his room mates he has witnessed in the past few years. i wonder if he knows, that all of them are eventually doomed.

it makes me sad...those felv cats are the nicest cats in the world. at this very moment..the rock, mama t and brianne looks so incredibly normal and healthy..but how long will it last? and who will be next to start the deadly downward slide of this horrible disease?
we all love you guys....stay healthy for a very long while please.