Rescue Journal

this email made me sad this morning...

Carol  ·  Nov. 13, 2010

.....We came across a 7 year old buldog living in a home with 7 other animals dogs and cats. Our evaluator said her eyes are void of life, she's a walking zombie but when you pet her she enjoys it and her tail starts to wag. She's in a home that can't care for he its awful, she has a blood filled callous on her paw making it hard for her to walk......i am putting on my body armour now.

it takes a lifetime of hopelessness to suck out the light of a dog.

that in itself is a terrible thing. most times you can turn the light back on again but sometimes you should not even try.
i saw a dog like that a few weeks ago, i said it was ok to let her go. but i still think of her and wish i had seen something different....just a tiny spark of possibility like this bulldog has, to find her light in the world again.

anyway..surprising to none, i did say this zombie dog could come with the rest of the LA crew.
kai doesn't need body armour to prevent me from shooting her...i need it to stop me from shooting myself.

pain and sadness for animals isn't just in is in california and venezuela and the vatican city. we live in an entire world of animal pain and suffering and we caused almost every single bit of it all.

at 6 am when i let our own crippled crew out..there wasn't one single hopeless look in anyone's eyes..every single one of them here happy to see me and even happier to jostle me around to get out of the door. jelly bounced in and out each time the door opened to let someone new in or out. she has early morning perky down to a fine art form..her light shines so bright, i need sunglasses first thing each day. even perdy and bibi who have such a difficult time getting up and staying on their feet til they get outside were happy (altho perdy's getting safely back into her laundry room area does mean a peanut butter pirate cookie so i am sure that is why her light shines so bright today.)

i just don't understand can we as humans bear to live if the animals around us are unhappy or suffering? why doesn't the pain and darkness inside them hurt us so badly that it forces us to act to make them happy again?

usually all it takes is a peanut butter cookie, a kind touch here and there, and the joyful light of good humour inside us to turn on their own lights once again. why do they not find this in the homes they live in?
who are the real emotional zombies here..humans or their unfortunate dogs?